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A Look at Colorado Cody Pfau – College and International Women Wrestler

04 Jan 2018

 by Tom Blair ICW Staff

Cod Pfau is a senior in college at Emmanuel College in Franklin Springs, Georgia and a USA World Team member for the U23 World Championship last month in Poland.

Pfau started her wrestling career at an early age, back in 2004 when a family friend was taking their kids to a club practice and her parents (Doug and Meg) were sending her brothers to the practice. Well, she was not going to be left behind and that’s all it took. After that first practice, Cody fell in love with the sport.  Cody wrestled all four years in high school and qualified three out of the four years for the Colorado State Tournament. She was only the third girl to wrestle at the state tournament in just her freshman year for Meeker High School. Wrestling at 103 lbs she went 1 – 2 for her efforts and was the first girl to win a match at the state tournament. Her junior year at states she went 0 – 2 at 106lbs. Cody’s senior year at states was much more competitive going 2 – 2, being only the second female to win 2 matches at the event. While competing in the spring in summer months in freestyle during her junior and senior year she would take home first place at the Junior Nationals in Fargo and was awarded “Most Pins in Least Amount of Time” in 2013. Plus, quailing for USA National traveling teams that went to Canada, Austria, Bulgaria and the Pam Am games. Not bad for a girl that knew nothing about wrestling just a short nine years ago.

If you would ask Cody she would just say that “she doesn’t care about all the awards and media coverage she gets and let’s her wrestling do the talking on the mats”.

With her travels, she was able to gain valuable technique and skills that helped her land a scholarship to attend Oklahoma City University under Head Coach Archie Randall and Assistant Coach Link Davis. Cody went 18-1 with eight falls and seven technical falls, she placed fourth place at 116 pounds in Women’s Collegiate Wrestling Association Championships and was All-American in just her freshman year of college. During her sophomore year Cody Went 34-1 with 25 pins and six technical-fall wins. She was crowned the 109-pound champion in the Women’s Collegiate Wrestling Association Championships on Feb. 14 in St. Louis in which she pinned Abby Floyd of Simon Fraser in 2:50. All along she would continue to wrestle during the spring, summer and fall for Titan Mercury Wrestling Club. This would help her with the international competition in Cuba and Brazil, where she placed 1st and 5th.  

At the end of her sophomore season the Head Coach Archie Randall would be let go as the OCU was making changes to its wrestling program and staff.

Cody would take a redshirt year during the 2015 – 2016 season as she transferred to Emmanuel College in Franklin Springs, Georgia; where her coach at OCU -  Link Davis had moved to take over as Head Woman Wrestling Coach the year before. The rest would give Cody’s body to heal and recover from the yearlong training and events that she had been going to on her busy schedule. This would be a good thing as her results would show in her junior year. She became the Captain of the Wrestling team at Emmanuel, went 42 – 1 in the season, taking first place at the WCWA national championship tournament, being voted the Outstanding Wrestling for the WCWA national championship tournament and voted Outstanding Wrestler of the Year.

Cody’s style of wrestling is an all-out attack on her opponent right from the start of the first whistle. She is always moving forward and not backing down even in the scrambles. With most freestyle woman wrestlers, you go for the throw and the near fall points, but Cody is always finishing her throw to put her opponent on their back and finish with a pin. Cody said, “It was the way I was taught growing up thru the youth and high school wrestling years”.  Cody does understand that in international competition it could hurt her a little against the foreign countries.

Cody has started her senior year much like she finished last season, she has won four collegiate wrestling tournaments and finished 4th at the Dave Schultz International in Colorado Springs this past November. Her goals for the season is nothing short of winning the WCWA title in her weight class, being named OW for the tournament and OW for the year. If she keeps up her training and keeps the attitude she will met her goals. So, if you are at any event with Emmanuel College being involved take a look at the 109 lb class and check Cody’s wrestling skills out.


Cody Pfau Stats:

  • Freshman Year High School – Meeker – 2010
  • Qualified for boys state wrestling tournament
  • First girl to win a match at state wrestling tournament
  • Fargo Nationals-- 3rd to Emily Webster who was a 4 timer at College
  • Sophomore Year High School – Grand Valley – 2011
  • Cadet World Team Trials-- 3rd
  • Qualified for Cadet PanAm games (did not go, had mono)
  • Cadet Fargo Nationals-- 1st
  • Junior Fargo Nationals-- 2nd
  •  Junior Year High School – Grand Valley 2012  
  • Qualified for boys state wrestling tournament
  • Cadet World Team Trials-- 2nd
  • Junior Fargo Nationals-- 1st
  • Canada Cup Junior division-- 1st
  • Junior PanAms-- 2nd
  •   Senior Year High School - 2013
  • Qualified for boys State Wrestling Tournament
  • First girl to win a Championship round match at State Wrestling Tournament
  • Junior World Team Trials-- 1st
  • Junior Fargo Nationals-- 1st and Award for "Most Pins In Least Amount of Time"
  • Senior Austria Open-- 5th
  • Junior Worlds in Bulgaria-- 5th
  • Freshman Year College – Oklahoma City University 2013 / 14
  • Undefeated through regular season
  • National tournament at weight class 116lbs-- 4th All American
  • Junior World Team Trials--1st
  • University World Team Trials-- 2nd
  •   Sophomore Year College – Oklahoma City University 2014 / 15
  • National tournament at weight class 109lbs-- 1st National Champion (34 – 1)
  • University World Team Trials-- 1st (University Worlds is only every other year, there was none this year)
  • Junior World Team Trials-- 1st
  • Junior PanAms in Cuba-- 1st
  • Junior Worlds in Brazil-- 5th
  •    Junior Year College – Emmanuel College 2016 / 17
  • US Senior Open in Vegas-- 1st
  • National tournament at weight class 109lbs-- 1st National Champion (42 – 1)
  • Voted Outstanding Wrestler for the National Tournament
  • Voted Outstanding Wrestler for the Year
  • Captain of College Wrestling Team
  • University World Team Trials-- 2nd 
  • Maintained above 3.0 for college academics
  • Senior year spring 2017
  • Won university nationals
  • 2nd at senior US Open world team trials
  • Senior open at Spain
  • Senior year 2017-2018
  • U23 world team member and USA Champion